DJ Trivia

DJ Trivia logo with multimedia tagline

DJ Trivia is a multimedia game show – think Jeopardy, not the SAT exam. Every question is a different category.
The questions and answers are on-screen – no repeating questions (or answers) again and again and again and again…..
Some questions are visual, (maps, photos, etc.) keeping teams engaged and the game interactive.

DJ Trivia is a fast-paced, challenging game – automated scoring moves the game along, no waiting several
minutes for the trivia host to “grade the answers” AND the on-screen scoreboard is updated after each
question, so teams always know where they, and their competitors, stand. Music is played between the
questions, keeping the energy level elevated.

Extras like Double Down Dare and Do or Die Dare make things interesting AND (unlike some other games) keep
teams playing until the very end.